Alaskan Native 8(a) Joint Venture - LDS/GP 8(a) JV

Leisnoi, Inc. (Leisnoi) is one of the Alaska Native Village Corporations established as a result of the 1971 Alaska Na-tive Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). Leisnoi was incorporated in 1973. The Department of Interior certified Leisnoi as a village corporation for the village of Woody Island in 1974. Managing Partner, Leisnoi Diversified Services, LLC (LDS) is an SBA Certified 8(a), and 100% Alaskan Native wholly owned company offering a broad range of general construction and environmental services. Headquartered in Anchorage, AK, LDS brings recent and relevant expe-rience for environmental remediation services. Representative capabilities include emergency response, environmental restoration, civil con-struction and traditional and non-traditional environmental services consisting of: asbestos services, site characterization and mitigation, waste removals, remedial design and actions; radiological surveys, demolition civil construction levee repair and restoration.